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A Brief History of The Cobalt Cafe.....

The Cobalt Cafe was founded by Dave Politi on January 17, 1991 - three days before the Gulf War! The Cobalt was one of the first coffee houses that started in the sleepy San Fernando Valley and was fashioned after the same manner of coffee house that San Francisco is known for. The original location of the Cobalt was on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, Calif. where it remained for three years. The style of the Cobalt then consisted of acoustic music, weekly poetry readings, as well as an open mic night. Celebrities such as Mick Taylor from the Rolling Stones played there and Angelo from FishBone read poetry. January 14, 1994 was the Grand Opening of the Cobalt at its current location in Canoga Park, just three days before the Northridge earthquake.

Dave Politi's Take.....

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and while growing up here, I knew the Valley needed an alternative venue where the creative culture and all of the "CBGB's" of the valley could come and collectively connect. I couldn't have done it in the beginning without the help of many people. My partner for the first year, Maia Wright, was a tremendous help in getting us off of the ground - dealing with the bureaucracy and red tape. I can't mention them all, but you know who you are! Likewise with all of the bands that helped fill us nightly. I could not have done it without all of you

In the early years, the bands were Diga Jiga, Skinflint, Pushing Up Daisies, Fuzzybyte, Smokin' Roaches, and more; Jason Radford from One Side Zero helped start our open mic nights. Jason hosted them for three years. BoogerMan, an old KROQ Radio DJ, took over the Cobalt's open mic night after Jason left. Rick Lupert, poetry extraordinaire, became the Cobalt's open reading host in 1994, and is still in full swing weekly. Here is a list of some of the bands that have gone through the Cobalt throughout the years: AFI, The Hippo's, Jimmy Eat World, Less Than Jake, D.I., One Side Zero, Save Ferris, Eve 6, exit only, Reel Big Fish, Incubus, Strung Out, Union 13, Linkin Park (as Hybrid Theory), and more. The latest band on the fast track are Nural, Look What I Did, Go Betty Go, Avenged Sevenfold, Hoobastank, Audiovent, Yellowcard, Ozma, Rufio and Finch.

Cobalt cafe would like to thank Drive Thru Records and their wonderful staff for all their support and the great bands they have provided us through the years. Here are some of them Newfound Glory,Allister, The Starting Line, Homegrown, Midtown, Finch , FenixTX,Something Corporate, and RX Bandits.

Some of the more memorable celebrity shows were with Milla Jovovich and her band, John Wayne Bobbitt came and did a comedy stand-up show.

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Cobalt would like to thank...

Our good friend Jeff Steelman for designing such a cool web site for the Cobalt Cafe.

We would also like to thank Loren Israel (currently the Senior Director of A & R @ Capitol Records) for his positive and dedicated support in the Music Industry. This kind of suport has been very appreciated. Loren has been one of the Judges at Cobalt's Battle of the Bands!!
Loren has found talent like The Hippo's at the Cobalt and brought talent such as Jimmy Eat World and Less Than Jake.

Anthony Morrealle for his dedication and belief in the Cobalt, thank you!!